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Can I order window cleaning separately?

Not only possible, but even necessary! Careful seasonal window cleaning service will be agreed with the manager when placing an order. And if you order seasonal window cleaning along with apartment cleaning, the cost will be much lower.

What do you not do when cleaning rooms?

We provide caring cleaning service. However, there are services that we do not currently provide:
– do not wash the chandeliers;
– do not wash the blinds;
– do not move large furniture and heavy objects.

What is a cleaning subscription and how do I use it?

A cleaning subscription is a package of two cleanings per month. This is very profitable, such a package is valid for 30 days from the date of the first cleaning. Important: the subscription DOES NOT RENEW if you have not used all the cleanings within 30 days.

How is payment made?

We always take payment at the end of the cleaning, after you have checked everything. If there are comments, we are ready to fix everything on the spot. You can pay either in cash with the cleaner, or to our current account.
If payment is made to a current account, the manager will send you details during the cleaning.

Can you wash the ceiling?

Yes, as long as you provide a stable surface that won’t damage the ceiling. We provide a full range of services to keep your home clean.

Do you do furniture cleaning?

During cleaning, the cleaner vacuums all furniture by default. But if you need stain removal and steam treatment, you can also order this service from us (details can be obtained from the manager).
We clean 2-4 times a month at clients’ premises, and cleaning of these surfaces is required on average once a month, so we included them in an additional service.

How long does cleaning take on average?

Standard cleaning without additional services lasts up to 5 hours. General and post-repair cleaning lasts up to 10 hours. This is the average time for cleaning apartments by our company. But each apartment is individual and the cleaning time may differ from that indicated above. If possible, allocate as much time as possible for cleaning, so that the housekeeper has time to do everything in the best possible way.

Do I need to be present for cleaning?

Of course not! We will call you one hour before the end of cleaning. You mind your own business while your apartment gets cleaner.

Want to learn more about our residential cleaning services?

Can’t find an answer? If you still have questions about our residential cleaning services, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Dust Busters cleaning services at +1 234 567 8901

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